Insider Club Training
CodeIgniter Training: Build a CMS
In this training series you'll learn how to use the CodeIgniter® framework to build your own content management system (CMS).

The CodeIgniter logo is owned and may be registered by EllisLab, Inc. David Connelly has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by EllisLab, Inc. The HMVC addon for Codeigniter was created by Wiredesignz. Thanks and acknowledgement go to Ellislab and Wiredesignz for producing these two excellent technologies.
THE SOURCE CODE: Download all of the source code for this series. It's still not finished but it should make it easier for you to follow along.
PLEASE NOTE: The database (SQL) file is inside the _junk folder.

Five Minute Git Tutorial: Are you new to Git? Not sure how to download the stuff above? Don't worry - here's a super short screencast that will get you up and running in five minutes.

HMVC Stuff: A webpage with some code and resources to help you with this training series.

Htaccess Samples: A zip file with some htaccess files. Handy for getting rid of /index.php and tested on a variety of servers.
Video 2
First Steps
In this video I'll be configuring the framework and setting the scene for the construction of our customised CMS.
Video 3
Building The User Login Section
In this video we'll begin the construction of the private user login section. This will allow website administrators to safely login and manage their CMS.
Video 4
A Validation Situation
Here we'll run through some form validation for users who attempt to log onto our CMS.
Video 5
Authentication City USA
Carrying on from the last video, I'm going to finish off the authentication process for logging onto our CMS.
Video 6
Making The Template Look Cool
In this video we'll be taking a break from PHP and doing some web design to make our template look cool. You'll be able to watch me writing CSS code at breakneck speed (okay, I confess - I cheated!)
Video 7
Building The Webpages Module
Moving on from the last video, we're now going to start working on the webpages module. This is the module that will handle all of the pages that will be controlled with our CMS.
Video 8
A load of CRUD
In this video we'll be doing some good old form validation to get the create, read, update and delete vibes rocking. Oh yeah!
Video 9
Perfect URLs & Perfect Meta Tags
In this video I'll show you how to get your page template reading content from your database. You'll learn how to have nice, human friendly URLs and you'll also learn how to easily add meta tags to your pages.
Video 10
Adding a WYSIWYG editor
In this final video in the series I'll show you'll learn how to add a WYSIWYG (what you see if what you get) editor to your CMS.

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