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CodeIgniter Training: Learn HMVC
In this series you'll learn how to use the CodeIgniter® framework to build customised web applications in an extremely fast and efficient manner.

The CodeIgniter logo is owned and may be registered by EllisLab, Inc. David Connelly has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by EllisLab, Inc. The HMVC addon for Codeigniter was created by Wiredesignz. Thanks and acknowledgement go to Ellislab and Wiredesignz for producing these two excellent technologies.

Video 2
Describing how the structure of HMVC differs from MVC.
Video 3
Walking you through a complete installation of CodeIgniter with HMVC
Video 4
First Steps
A demonstration of some basic web development with HMVC
Video 5
Modules Calling modules
How to call modules from within modules
Video 6
An easy way to handle templates with CodeIgniter
Video 7
Coding Turbo Boost
How to become a faster and more efficient web developer with CodeIgniter.
Video 8
CRUD part 1
How to do CRUD (create, read, update and delete) with CodeIgniter using HMVC
Video 9
CRUD part 2
The second part of the CRUD section. This video focuses on editing
Video 10
Final Thoughts
The last video in the series. In this video I give you five simple rules that you can follow to get the best from HMVC.

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