Insider Club Training
Build an API with the Slim Framework
In this training series you'll learn how to build an API using the Slim Framework
Video 2
Setting Up A Virtual Host
In this video we'll set up a virtual host.
Video 3
The Routing System
In this video we'll look at how to set up custom routes with the Slim Framework
Video 4
Fetching Data from MySQL
In this one you'll learn how to fetch information from MySQL and display it as Json data.
Video 5
How To Fetch A Single Row Of Data
A nice short, easy video - showing you how to fetch a single row of data.
Video 6
Fetching Post Variables
How to handle $_POST requests with the Slim framework. We'll be using getParsedBody() to fetch our posted variables.
Video 7
Database Inserts With Prepared SQL Statements
In this one we'll be looking at how to do insert statements on our database. You'll discover how to create and execute prepared SQL statements and - of course - you'll also learn about the benefits of doing things this way.
Video 8
Putting It All Together
This is the last video in the series and here we'll be putting together everything that has been discussed so far. Thank you for watching and for your positive vibes. Macho love to you and I hope we can do this again some time! Peace, love and vegetables!

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