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Learn and Understand Yii2
In this series you'll learn how to use one of the most powerful PHP frameworks in the universe, Yii2. It's a good vibe and I hope you enjoy it. Ooh yeah!
Video 2
Installation & Setting Up Pretty URLs
This video will walk you through how to install the Yii2 framework on your computer. Once we have Yii 2 installed, we'll set up a virtual host and we'll also enable pretty URLs. Oooh yeah!
Video 3
First Steps
With the installation finally out of the way, in this video we'll look at the basic structure of a Yii2 website and we'll manually build our first controller file.
Video 4
Views and Templates
In this video we'll take a look at how Yii2 handles views and templates. We'll also discover how to easily pass variables around from one part of our web application to another.
Video 5
Changing The Template(s)
This video is all about how to change and manipulate the templates that you’ll be using with the Yii2 framework.
Video 6
Reading Variables From The URL
In this next section, we'll go over how to read data from the URL. I apologise for the video being a little longer than the others but I had a lot of ground that I wanted to cover.
Video 7
The View Page
In this video we'll be making our view page look cool. Ooh yeah!
Video 8
A Gentle Introduction To Gii
In this video we'll take a look at how to automatically generate controller and view files using Gii. It's a good vibe all round. Ooh yeah!
Video 9
Generating More Code With Gii
In this lesson we'll be using Gii to generate forms and more. Can you dig it?
Video 10
Automatic CRUD
In this video we'll use Gii to automatically generate all of the files that we need for CRUD (create, read, update, delete)
Video 11
CRUD Demystified
In this video, we'll investigate how Yii2 manages to gracefully perform CRUD operations, apparently with just a few lines of code.
Video 12
Core Validators - the (almost!) complete reference!
In this video, I'm going to go over the core validators that come with the Yii2 framework. This video is really just for reference purposes and it just might be the most boring video in the history of YouTube.
Video 13
How to Enable Ajax Validation
In today's lesson, you'll learn how to enable ajax validation with the Yii2 framework. Yes, yes yes!
Video 14
Custom Validators (aka Callbacks)
In a previous video, we discovered that Yii2 contains a large assortment of built-in form validators. However, there may be times when you need to create your own, customised form validation rules. That's precisely what we're going to cover in this video.
Video 15
Custom Validation With Custom SQL Queries
In this lesson, we're going to look at how to do custom form validation which contains our own custom SQL queries.
Video 16
In this video we'll be looking at scenarios and discovering how they can help us with form validation - particularly image uploading. Ri ri!
Video 17
How To Upload An Image
In this tutorial, we are going to look at image uploading. Can you dig it?

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