Everything that we have been told about weight loss is wrong

Date published: Thursday 28th of April 2016

This is big. If you struggle with being overweight or you know somebody who is overweight then you need to pay attention to what I'm about to tell you.

Everything that we have been told about weight loss is wrong. Do you hear what I'm saying? It's wrong. I have now checked the data, I have authenticated the data and I have information to hand now which is absolutely mind blowing.

I have a client called Andy (well, actually he has been hiring me on and off for about twelve years, and I like to think of him as a friend). Over the years, Andy has had major problems with his weight. He is a very big person. At various points his weight has been over 400lbs. Now, just for clarity I want you to know - as a point of reference - that The Undertaker (that astonishingly huge wrestler from the WWE) weighs in at 299lbs. So, what I'm saying here is that for the twelve years I've known Andy, he has been considerably bigger than The Undertaker. Unfortunately though, for Andy, the weight has been mostly fat. He has been incredibly obese for many years. I can only speculate that this must have caused him all sorts of problems. Everything from getting on a plane to just having the confidence to go to a business event has been a challenge for Andy.

A few months ago, something happened.

Andy headed into his doctor's and was told that he was getting put on statins. Statins are a group of drugs which are designed to lower cholesterol levels. Andy's doctor had ran some tests and discovered that Andy's Triglyceride level was 10.5. Now, this is very much in the danger zone. Your statin levels should be 1.5 or less. If they go higher than 1.5 then you're at a high risk of having a heart attack or stroke. So, basically Andy was the walking dead.

However, Andy had done some research. He discovered that statins actually have majorly adverse effects on health, and - as a matter of fact - reducing fat is not a good strategy for losing weight.

Anyway, the doctor was pretty astonished when Andy said that he was going to INCREASE fat instead of decreasing it. The doctor was equally perplexed by Andy's refusal to take statins. The message was clear:

"If you don't cut down on fat and take statins then you will die".

However, Andy explained that he had lost a substantial amount of weight since doing some research and reducing his carb intake. The doctor didn't believe him and - in any event - triglyceride levels, and not excess weight are the real danger.

So, Andy made a deal.

"Test my triglyceride levels today and then test them again in three months. If those levels are still over 10 in three months then I'll go on statins - no questions asked."

Folks, I've just had Andy off of the phone and the results are in.

By doing the PRECISE OPPOSITE of what the doctor had recommended, Andy has now lost 84 pounds and his triglyceride levels have dropped from 10.5 to 3.5.

Read that again!

What we're saying here is that everything we've been told about weightloss - by the mainstream media - is wrong. From BOTH a weight loss perspective AS WELL AS a triglyceride levels perspective, Andy's incredible story is proof that we need to reconsider everything that we think we know about weight loss.

I'm hoping to discuss some of this on a future episode of the DCRN. In the meantime, I just thought I'd run this past you. It's a story of hope.

Peace, love and vegetables.


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