Social Justice Warriors

Date published: Wednesday 21st of September 2016

For years (decades actually) I've been in the habit of listening to music when I work. That has changed over the lasts couple of months. So, lately I've been listening to audios of interviews or news stories when I'm working.

Today I looked up something that has been on the radar for a while, but something that I never knew a thing about.

Social justice warriors.

Like many of you, I had heard the phrase increasingly being referenced, but until today I never actually knew what a social justice warrior was. I never even knew if being a social justice warrior was a good thing or some kind of derogatory label. Anyway, today I've been listening to a stream of YouTube videos on the subject. These videos include countless examples of social justice warriors in action. I can tell you that I now know what a social justice warrior is and, it's certainly not a good thing.

If you go to Google and search for 'define social justice warrior' then I think you'll discover that the definitions offered are often vague and not entirely accurate at all. For example, Wikipedia says that:

The accusation of being an SJW carries implications of pursuing personal validation rather than any deep-seated conviction.

Well, that may indeed be the case. However, based on the videos that I listened to (and sometimes watched) today, I think there's not a shred of doubt that many social justice warriors do indeed have deep-seated convictions in what they are doing.

Based on everything I've seen, the rise of the social justice warrior community is a serious problem.

So, what is a social justice warrior?

Well, all of the definitions that I've seen online are indeed rather vague. However, the key defining characteristics of an archetypical social justice warriors would be:

  • extremely vocal

  • easily offended

  • eager to protest

  • eager to stand up for political correctness

  • educated up to or above university level

  • articulate

Take another look at those last two features. We're not dealing with idiots here. We are talking about an educated, highly vocal, mobilised and articulate volume of people who are determined to aggressively push their political agendas - all in the name of political correctness - while the rest of us sit back and do nothing, because if anyone ever does have the audacity to challenge a group of social justice warriors then there is a real threat that they'll be intimidated or even assaulted.

There are, of course, a variety of chinks in the SJW's armour. For instance, if a person of reasonable intellect engages in any sort of semi-civilised debate with an SJW, then the result is that the SJW usually loses. You don't believe me? Have a look at this. Of course, another problem that the SJW community have is that some of their most vocal leaders have been proven to be hypocritical by videos like this.

What worries me most about the SJW movement is that it starts off with ideas that most reasonable people would agree with, such as; equal rights for women, black lives matter and so on, and then the voice-pieces of these organisations cunningly and covertly take their followers to a place which is very far from politically correct and - in many cases - the literal opposite of what was on the tin in the first place!

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Below is a YouTube video of some social justice warriors burning an American flag. Now, I'm sorry that the uploader happens to be Alex Jones. I'm not a fan of Alex Jones. I have nothing against Alex Jones either. I have no opinion whatsoever to offer on the topic of Alex Jones. So, please do not assume that I'm trying to endorse Alex Jones when I discuss a video that he uploaded. In any event, in the video we can see what appears to be a group of students burning an American flag. In doing so the SJW 'leader' shouts about how the flag represents a shameful American history which is drowning in the blood of slavery and imperialism.

Now, let's talk about this video.

That gesture of burning an American flag - to some of you - might be a shocking thing to observe. To others, it might not be a big deal. Nevertheless, the SJWs appear to be presenting a perfectly legitimate concern regarding American history. There is no doubt that slavery was a huge and terrible problem in America. The treatment of the Native Americans was an unspeakable horror and America - along with my own country - have track-record of behaving in a dreadful manner on several historic occasions - particularly when it comes to our treatment of people with dark skin. I get that. I think it's a legitimate thing to be concerned or even angry about. Personally speaking, I don't like racism and I passionately believe that all people are created equally and we all deserve an equal opportunity to have a good life.

I'm not an American and I have no great emotional attachment to the American flag or indeed any flag. However, my speculation is that those Americans who might salute the American flag or uphold it as being a sacred symbol are not doing so because they approve of racism, political corruption, wars in the Middle East or slavery. My speculation is that - for some people - the American flag represents things that are rather more well intentioned. Like many Americans, I happen to have grandparents and great grandparents who were involved in the first and second world wars. My great-grandfather on my mother's side was killed in Gallipoli. I have another grandfather who received awards for bravery. He never fought. He was a medic. He used to literally run into no-mans-land, lift up the bodies of the dead and wounded and then carry them back for treatment. I don't think that my ancestors did what they did for a flag. However, if there are any Americans out there who also have ancestors who fought and maybe even died in wars then I can appreciate why burning an American flag would be hurtful and offensive to those people.

Watch the video closely and you'll see a few things which are subtle but - to me, at least - concerning.

First of all, the 'leader' of the group is wearing Muslim headgear. Several of her group are of Arabic appearance and are either covering up their faces or sporting Islamic beards. When they start burning the flag, if you listen carefully, you can hear somebody from the group shouting 'Allah Akbar'. Also, the female 'leader' of the group is swearing like a drunken sailor. Now, I swear a lot too - but I try not to do so in public. On a vibrational level, swearing aggressively can often be a key indicator of a person's aggressive intent. Speaking of aggression, here you'll see the taller member of the group angrily intimidating an onlooker by inviting him to 'come talk shit right here'. Bizarrely, the female group leader appears to insist that they are somehow against racism and yet here she not only calls a black person 'uncle Tom mother fucker', but she does so repeatedly, with a megaphone and in a blatant but failed attempt to get the crowd chanting along with her.

Folks, this group has no interest in political correctness, or equality or any of these things. What this group is really pushing is radical Islam. That is what the protest is really about and what they are saying does not stand up to any sort of semi-intellectual scrutiny. For example, it would be intellectually bankrupt to cherry pick a dark point in history and somehow declare that Europe is fundamentally evil because of a history of slavery. The historical fact is that there is a deep, dark and disturbing history of slavery in the Muslim World. The Arab Slave trade (which pre-dates Islam) lasted considerably longer than the European slave trade, was responsible for more deaths and was arguably more brutal than the European slave trade. The Arab slave traders specialised in a type of cruelty which was so horrific that many of the (millions of) slaves who were subjected to their treatment did not survive the process. Castration.

Now, I'm not for one second trying to apologise for European or American slavery. I'm not even saying that one group is better than another. All I'm saying is that it's not fair or balanced for a group of Muslims to protest about American slavery whilst turning a blind eye to the Muslim slave trade or indeed the Arab slave trade in general which - although the numbers are debated - is certainly responsible for over one hundred million deaths (some estimates are at the 270 million mark).

The leader of the group even seems to declare that she is somehow making a stand for gender oppression and homophobia. This is preposterous. We all know what the punishment for being a homosexual is, according to Islam, and three million female genital mutilations per year (some estimates put the number at four and a half million per year!) are enough to make me be highly suspicious of any claims that Islam is good for gender equality.

So, there is nothing funny about social justice warriors. To allow the behaviour of the SJW community to continue unchallenged would be both foolish and cowardly. Challenge them. Challenge everything.


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