What The Modafinil Keeps Telling Me

Date published: Sunday 8th of January 2017

Right now, I am about four times more productive than I was six months ago, I work smarter than ever and my ability to get things done knows no limits.

The reason for this is because I've started taking a very carefully constructed, sensible course of Modafinil (actually combining different types of Modafinil - which I've recently spoken about at the DCRN, if you're interested).

Now, I'm not on a crusade to make you behave like me. What I choose to do with my body and mind is my choice. The variables of life that I have to deal with are different from yours. So, please - don't start taking Modafinil just because I'm on it.

However, one thing that I can do - which might be valuable - is share of the experiences and recurring thoughts that I've been having recently - while I've been taking Modafinil. I think that - just maybe - you might find some of this helpful.

You ready?

Okay, here we go.

One of the things that has happened since I started taking Modafinil is that I usually wake up very early. For example, I'm writing now at 6:59am on Sunday morning. However, I've been up working since 4:30am (and, by the way, this is just me having a quick break). Now, I cannot stress enough how much of a revolution this is - as far as my life goes. In the past, it was very normal for me to wake up at 12 noon, 2pm and even (during one phase of my life) 4pm. For most of my life I have been a total night owl. That has all changed now and I'm happy about that because I have discovered that all hours are not equal. What you've heard is true! You do get more done in the morning than at night.

So, it's very normal for me to be up working at insanely early hours.

During this part of the day - right up until about 2pm - my mind is firing on all cylinders. At the moment this means writing code. However, even when I'm writing code my mind drifts all into all sorts of interesting directions and I keep having these sometimes bizarre random thoughts drifting into my mind.

Yesterday, for example, I suddenly found myself thinking about Miss Stevenson. She was my teacher, back in primary school. So, I haven't seen her since 1988. She must've been about 30 years old, she was really great looking. She had blonde, 'big' 80s hair, tanned, slim and wouldn't have looked out of place in 'The Bangles'. I'm sure she must have been heavily into keep fit. However, even though she was great looking, she was also a fairly strict, no-nonsense sort of teacher and - at the time - I think I was a bit scared of her. So, as a young boy, I could appreciate that she was pretty but I certainly wasn't attracted to her. She was just my teacher at school, and it was all business.

As I was working yesterday, for some bizarre reason, this person - Miss Stevenson - whom I hadn't seen, heard from or spoken about for all those years kept drifting into my mind. Not in some pervy way, but in another way. The thought occurred to me that if I met that version of her today, then I'd no doubt find her very attractive, but I'd probably also conclude that she is a bit on the young side for me. She'd probably had the demeanour of some young, trendy student. What was even more mind blowing was the thought that she is probably around 60 years old now.

This is almost as funny as it is scary. To suddenly, at the age of 40 (nearly 41) step back and - out of nowhere - have this incredible perspective on time is mind-blowing (and I have to keep coming back to this phrase). So, as I think about time and matters related to time, I feel like an astonomer gazing into the night sky through a really powerful telescope. What I'm seeing is awesome. It's majestic. It's also very, very heavy.

But there's something else.

There's another thought that I keep having, over and over again.

Ever since I started taking Modafinil, I keep having this thought sitting at the front of my mind.

Nobody is better than you

It's all I keep thinking about.

Now, I'm not trying to go all Tony Robbins on you - and I'm also eager to avoid coming across as being arrogant or cocky. I suppose it's a simple thought to have and nothing particularly noteworthy, right? Well, not to me!

This simple thought ('nobody is better than you') is a complete game changer!

First of all, I suppose I ought to clarify who 'you' is. It's me. It's also you. It's whoever is having the thought. Pretty straightforward, right?

Okay, so let's look at the implications of this seemingly trivial thought. Take the web development industry, for example.

There are a lot of web developers in the Insider Club. The job of a professional web developer is obviously to build websites and web applications - but for whom? Somebody else! So, we have this bizarre thing going on in the web development industry. We are basically in the business of building businesses for other people, so that other people can get rich. Now, if you really believe that nobody is better than you then how can that make any sense?

Now, I'm not saying that you should suddenly become arrogant and I'm certainly not saying that you should tell your clients or employers to eff off. By all means, let us conduct ourselves in a decent, honourable and compassionate manner. However, I'm just saying... maybe this will be the year when you finally start putting yourself first.

Do you think you can handle that?


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