Where have all the cowboys gone?

Date published: Thursday 22nd of December 2016

This song...

...never really meant much to me.

But I've been thinking...

Europe is a complete mess right now. We've now got Muslim whackjobs killing and raping people, across Europe, practically without any sort of legal or political challenge.

Just a few days ago, in London, there were protests with mobs of angry Muslims openly chantings things like:

"the caliphate is coming"

"America will pay"

I even saw one Muslim protestor saying:

"We are going to take your women as war booty" (I'm not particularly fond of the phrase, either!)

What's clear is that these protests are becoming more and more frequent, and - if you look at the footage from any of these events - it's very plain to see that the police are scared and they don't know how to deal with it.

How on Earth did this happen?

How on Earth did we end up living in a society where it's okay for these things to happen?

Well... personally speaking, I think Tony Blair and George W played a huge part in creating this mess. There is no question that the foreign policies of the West have been poorly thought out, deeply unethical and shambolic - particularly with regards to the Middle East. This is one topic where I think I agree with the Muslim whackjobs. I think the West should get out of the Middle East and stay away.

Now, Europe has an assortment of spineless, directionless politicians who appear destined to send us all deeper into the abyss.

But we all knew that, right?

Well, recently I've been doing some research into this and think that I have identified a NEW VARIABLE. Don't get me wrong; the politicians, the wars, the bullshit ...I'm with you all the way.

But there's something else - and today I'm calling out:


There are organisations appearing, such as Men Going Their Own Way who have identified the feminisation of men as a problem. When I heard about MGTOW, I almost burst out laughing. This is a group of men who are so sick of the angry feminist, politically correct bullshit that they've basically decided, "We've had enough. We're out." So, their vibe is that they literally don't want relationships and they don't want to get married. I think there are a lot of them who literally don't even want to date women. They have basically had it. It's kind of sad.

Now, I happen to be in a long term relationship with somebody and if you are, that's great. I don't want to mess with that.

However, I do think that the feminisation of men is a problem and - being that many of us are web developers (working with computers and not digging holes) - I dare say, there are guys reading this who are totally feminised.

As a matter of fact. I'm going to say the unthinkable. I think that I probably fall into that category! I am a feminised man. Yes! I said it!

Being a feminised man doesn't necessarily mean that you're attracted to men, that you like to wear lipstick or hang about in freaky nightclubs (and God bless anyone who does want to do these things). For the most part, it's to do with communication, demeanour and vibrational frequency.

Given the totally insane, SJW bandwagon that is sweeping the planet, it's no surprise that lots of men have been feminised. The rewards for becoming a feminine man are considerable. Let me give you an example:

* I have quite a lot of female friends.

* The all seem to think I'm really intelligent and they seem to like how they can 'talk to me'.

* Often when we meet up, we talk about problems. Their problems.

* So, the perks to the feminine guy are that you get to hang out with other women (as long as you can convince them that you're not a threat - of course!) - and so, you delude yourself into thinking you're some kind of socially successful person.

Still not sold on becoming a feminine man? Well, how about this:

Not so long ago, I headed to a health spa with multiple women. Yes. We had a mud bath. Yes. I was the only guy there. Yes. There was lots of nudity.

Can you see how, for all sorts of social reasons, the pay off for being a feminised man are huge?

Well, no more.

I think that the feminisation of men has now became a serious problem, in Western society. If you happen to be a white, hetrosexual male in this day and age, then you are basically the devil. So, over the years, more and more white guys - partly driven by social reward and partly driven by shame have basically feminised themselves in order to become acceptable to their peers.

The really sad thing is, I know a few really beautiful, intelligent women in their 40s who are single - and they have been for many years - because they can't find a decent man. They've looked everywhere but they can't find one. Do you know any women like that in your life?

Over the past two decades, manual labour has become less and less in demand, and so too - the masculine man has disappeared and is now basically on the verge of extinction.

Go do a search on Google images for 'aftershave advert'. Just look at the guys who are passing for models these days! As far as I can tell, many of them have thin shoulders, big lips, girly smiles and often they'll be pouting or assuming womanly body positions. They're basically feminised men! Here's just a sample of some of the images that I find when I do a search on Google for male aftershave models:






Folks, I'm not saying that 'this has got to stop'. I'm all in favour of letting people live like they wanna live as long as they're not hurting anyone else. However, the time has come to make a change. We need to restore balance to the Force.

We need to bring back the masculine man! Society needs him! We all need him!

For too long, masculine men have been getting a raw deal. They get a raw deal in the courtroom. They get a raw deal in the arts. They get a raw deal socially. The get a raw deal politically. This is a serious topic. In the UK, the single biggest cause of death for men under the age of 45 is suicide. If you are a man then you're five times more likely to kill yourself than if you're a female. Nobody cares about men anymore. We live in a society that punishes masculinity and rewards femininity. Masculine men are literally dying off!

I'm telling you, the only reason why Muslim whackjobs are allowed to get away with the kind of bullshit that they're getting away with - while everybody else crawls about the sea floor like a bunch of lobsters - is because the men of the West have degraded into a bunch of weak-minded, feminised, politically correct, touchy feely wankers.

Does anybody remember Burt Reynolds?

Does anybody remember Clint Eastwood?

Does anybody remember Sylvester Stallone?

Does anybody remember Paul Newman?

Does anybody remember Marlon Brando?

Where are you guys? We need you!

Folks, I know that the world is a very dangerous and messed up place. I know that the politicians are to blame. I know that you've got a lot of good reasons to feel angry and to point fingers, blaming everybody but yourself - but I'm here to tell you that real change starts from within.

There is no better place to start this movement that in a forum that is frequented by predominantly soft-handed, male computer nerds - like me. Guys. Let's make a change! Let's bring back the alpha male. Don't believe all of that mainstream media bullshit. Everybody wants to see masculine man back on the scene.

How you express your new manliness is up to you. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

* Grow a moustache.

* Start drinking beer.

* Start being a little bit more assertive. It's okay for you to decide which restaurant you'd like to go to!

* Take an interest in manly things like DIY and outdoor pursuits.

* Go contact some of your male friends and arrange a mens' night out

* Stop wasting your money on feminine products like 'male facial moisturiser'.

* Tell that female friend of yours that you are no longer interested in discussing problems.

* Make the decision that from now on you're only going to focus on practical solutions - not negative bullshit.

As for me? I'm gonna start my journey by getting down to this:

Peace, love and vegetables,


PS - If any females out there ever read this then please, just find a good man and just let him know that you're glad to have him around. He would really appreciate it ...and so would I.

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