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The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons
by Napoleon Hill
If you want to make large amounts of money then the first thing that you must do - and it is a must - is define your dream and then get a burning desire for its achievement. By the way, these aren't my words. This was actually published in a book called The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill, and also in his follow up book called Think and Grow Rich.

Now, who is Napoleon Hill?

Today, unfortunately, most people have never heard of him. However, at the turn of the 20th century a young Napoleon Hill was hired by the richest man in the world, Andrew Carnegie - who was the founder of US Steel. Andrew Carnegie hired Napoleon Hill and taught Napoleon Hill the success secrets that up until that point had never been revealed to the mass public.

After teaching Napoleon Hill the success principles, Andrew Carnegie introduced Napoleon Hill to the most successful people in the world at that time including; Firestone, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and many others. Over a twenty year period, Napoleon Hill then studied the most successful people and put together the principles of success in the volume The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons.

When the Law of Success was finally finished, Henry Ford was outraged. Ford insisted that these principles should be held as secrets within the highest ranks of the Freemasons, and not released to the general public. Upon Ford's insistence, the Law of Success was pulled and in its place Think and Grow Rich was hastily put together.

Think and Grow rich went on to become the best selling self help book of all time, and over 70 million copies were sold. However, Think and Grow Rich is in fact a heavily watered down version of the Law of Success which thanks to the power of the web, has now been brought back to life and can be downloaded onto any Kindle ready devices for less than a couple of bucks!

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