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The 5 AM Club: How To Get More Done While The World Is Sleeping
by Michael Lombardi
Are you aspirational? Would you like to build a successful business? Would you like to have enough wealth so that you never have to worry about your family's healthcare? Would you like to be able to enjoy the finer things in life? Nice clothes? A nice house perhaps? How about a dream car? A luxury yacht?

If you're the kind of person who wants these kinds of things from life then congratulations: you're just like everybody else!

Having dreams about becoming a high achiever who lives a remarkable lifestyle is perfectly normal. The trouble is, these kinds of dreams are – for the most part – unreasonable. It's unreasonable for an ordinary person to have expectations about living, what many would consider to be, a lottery winner's lifestyle. Most people of working age are stuck in miserable jobs that they hate. They spend the best hours of their day working for someone else – making someone else rich. Most people come home from work exhausted. Most people live pay cheque to pay cheque. A life drowning in debt.

If any of this is ringing in bells with you and you want to break free from the rat race, then you have to pay the price. How are you going to pay the price? Do you think work ethic is enough to set you free? Forget it! Consider the postman. He's up at the crack of dawn every day, breaking his back, walking for many miles in all sorts of weather, day after day and yet – in spite of his Titanic efforts - he's just earning enough to get by. Do you think that intelligence will be enough to make you successful? No way! Consider the teachers. Teachers are university educated, very well read and – according to the latest statistics - totally depressed, in many cases to the point of suicide (ref: Work ethic alone won't make the difference either. Consider the secretary who loyally runs after her boss year after year, often putting his interests above her own. Do you think she walks away from all of this with a dream lifestyle? Probably not.

Here is a golden nugget. If you want to be a high achiever in life then you need to get up early. You've heard it said before that you should pay yourself first. Today I'm telling you to work for yourself first. If you can get into the habit of waking up early and working for yourself, before you work for anyone else then I David Connelly promise – in six months your life will be transformed. The hours of the day are NOT equal (another golden nugget) and when you get up early and work on your own projects and your own dreams, when everyone else is asleep SOMETHING MAGICAL HAPPENS.

This little book, The 5am Club, will help to train you to get up early. In doing so, you'll be training yourself to become a high achiever. You'll be putting your own dreams first.

If you are a natural night owl (like me) then it may take a few months to condition your body to wake up early and most importantly, to work early. However, this is something that is definitely worth perusing. Quite frankly, it will change your life. You'll find that old projects that have been hanging over you suddenly get done. You'll whizz through your goals for the year. You'll become the kind of person who finishing things! Waking up early is your ticket. It's your advantage. It's the debt that you have to pay. Are you ready to make your first payment? Good. Get the book. It can be downloaded directly onto your Kindle enabled device free of charge.

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